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The 3 early easy step before getting pregnant can be done   as like taking a good food, upgrade a healthy  and  clean lifestyle and  get an ideal weight gain within exercise continuously. Another than this three step  couples should control their degree of stress. If not ,it can lower your potential to pregnant. So that you can know how to plan for pregnant just not for doing sex during an ovulation only but both of couple must be very healthy inside and outside of your body before trying it.

A healthy husband is very important and need to be in a proper care because your sperm can be disturbed when you taken a junk food, taking alcohol, smoking, air pollution, some of disease and using some medicine . At the same time as a wife also must be in a good health too, to avoid the factor that make   difficult to pregnant.

Always aware that you are not to late to change your life with a healthy lifestyle. If both of you can do that minimum three month earlier  with healthy lifestyle and get rid of the bad thing. It is good for your future baby to be. Below here there are three step maybe can help both of you:

1)      Taken Folic Acid
When you start planning to get pregnant, as a wife you must taken acid folic supplement in about 400mcg per day. It is good if you take it 3 month earlier before pregnant.This supplement can protect your baby from have problem with spina bifida  and uncomplete skull.

Taken Food
Take a various food not only your favourite, especially fresh fruit, vegetable because its contain B vitamin that very important for forming cells. Don’t  forget with meat, nuts and dairy product. If you taken all this kind of food ,both couple can have vitamin, minerals and other kind supplemen for your body. Both of you have to take lesser this kind of food that contain carbohydrate and sugar because it can disturb the producing women egg.

       2) Avoid smoking
            Cigarette are dangerous for your health. Try to stop smoking or lesser of smoking        
            Everyday. Because smoking can reduce the quality of your sperm.

           Avoid alcohol
           Taking alcohol its mean lower your chances  of having a baby. Taking too much 
and overdose that cause it.

3)      Exercise
Always exercise can make you body healthy, so it can  support your pregnant hormone to function beautifully. To get pregnant your body must be very good as like an athlete because when pregnant your body weight will increase . Exercise minimum 30 minute per day

Lastly you can try this three step  and you want a furthermore you can  try this program from Beth Kiley autho for  Personal Path to Pregnancy, and you caN

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Thinking Your Baby Gender

THINKING YOUR BABY GENDER?                                          

Thank you for approaching this article. I believe you are looking information regarding how to plan your baby gender XX or XY. Yes, you read correctly, baby gender planning is possible. But how? This article will tell you the methods to conceive a boy or a girl to add to your family.

Unfortunately, there are many people who have difficulty conceiving. Some of the methods mentioned in the article may help conceive the child a couple would very much like to have. Anyone can easily do this, you do not have to be a scientist to conceive a baby of the gender of your choice.
In this article, there are mainly consist of three things that you really need to know which is  will control the conception of a baby gender like as a correct timing, diet and acidity. This  are very important thing that you have to consider when you have choose your baby gender.

On the very beginning, we will talk about what is a correct timing .  A correct timing its mean a proper time of sexual intercourse using an ovulation calendar .  The key to learning the basics in choosing your baby's sex is before conception. You have to understand how fertilization occurs that leads to a baby boy or a  girl. The sperm cell carrying the Y chromosome can result to a boy and the sperm cell carrying the X chromosome can produce a baby girl . Typically, male sperm are faster moving but have a shorter lifespan. Female producing sperm are thought to be slower moving but have a longer lifespan. So if you want a male baby, the best part  to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible and it  will ensure that the fast moving male sperm reach the egg first. If you want a baby girl you should have intercourse a few days before ovulation as the male sperm would have run their course  and thus give the female sperm a chance of fertilizing the egg.

Secondly it is about a diet , mother's diet is also a determining factor to have a baby boy or a girl.Its plays a more important role in helping you plan the gender of your baby choice. There's a lot of talk about what foods you should be eating to create the right environment for conception of a boy or girl to take place. When you  picking the right foods its can lead a good environment for the sperm to swim for fertilizing. When you eat and how much may also help determine whether you are more likely to have a son or daughter.

Women who want a baby girl may find it helpful to not eat breakfast. These women should also focus on adding foods to their diet that are high in calcium and magnesium. An easy way to do this is to snack on cheese or yogurt during the day and stay away from anything that contains too much salt.You also can eat sweet and sour fruit like orange or lemon. Because this fruit can give an acidic situation for the female sperm swim to the egg for fertilizing.

Lastly is about an acidity, this aspect is refer for a women and it must be considered. If the woman's pH level or acidity level in the vagina is quite high, there is a possibility that a girl will be conceived. But if the woman's alkalinity level is higher, then a boy can be conceived. . The acidic nature of the womb will eventually kill all sperm but as female sperm is more strong and will live and survive longer  in the womb. By making the womb a less acidic environment you can give male sperm a better chance to live longer and reach the egg.
The most natural way to make the womb less acidic is to eat foods that will make it less acidic. Not surprisingly, these foods are very good for the woman too. They include green vegetables and exclude fatty foods or things with lots of sugar in them. Another way to make the womb less acidic is to douche with substances that will increase the alkaline nature in the womb. These are just the probable could of the tips you can use to increase your chances to conceive a girl baby.

Having a baby that you want almost will make your life even happier and enjoyful . By following these three simple steps of how to plan your baby gender  when you use this method; the correct timing of intercourse, get a healthy diet and the method of acidity. You will be on your way toward a self satisfaction and a higher self-esteem. And that is because you know how you can plan your baby gender as your choices. Before this you also should know first how to get pregnant first.
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